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Writing Assignment Ideas

When you start working on your academic writing task, one of the most complicated steps is to come up with an appealing and interesting topic. This is one of the most frequent challenges that students encounter when they are not assigned a specific topic by their professors. Thus, if you need to pick a topic on your own, you can check out writing assignment ideas outlined by professional writers in the article below. As a rule, students tend to pick those topics that they are passionate about or have good knowledge in. However, it is also recommendable to select topics that may be interesting to the potential target audience. There is no single correct approach to choosing topics for academic writing. However, when picking a topic, you ought also to pay attention to how easy it will be to brainstorm ideas and find supporting evidence. In other words, you need to balance between a complete novice topic and a thoroughly researched one. Furthermore, the choice of the topic usually depends on the type of discussion or the writing type you have to submit.

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Tips for Picking the Best Writing Assignment Topics

The success of any piece of academic writing first and foremost depends on the topic you have selected. A catchy and engaging topic makes the audience read the paper till the very end. More so, a properly chosen topic forms the backbone of your research. If the topic is weak and not accordingly elaborated, the paper will be hard to read as it will not be logical or coherent. So, usually, the best topics are those you are truly passionate about this approach to choosing a topic makes sure that the writing process will be interesting and easy for you. When you pick a topic that you like, you will not be bored. The second important criterion to consider when you are selecting a topic is the target audience. It would be awesome if the topic was comprehensive to the readers depending on their interests, education, or qualifications. For instance, if you plan to present a paper on some technical topic to a general audience, it would not be a good idea, since people would hardly understand such a specific topic, terms, and professional jargon. So, when orienting towards the target audience, try to put yourself in their shoes and pick a corresponding topic.

University Assignment Topics

  1. Do teenagers face pressure related to entering colleges and universities?

  2. Should immigrants be granted more rights abroad?

  3. Should directors of movies and TV shows be more attentive to bringing diversity?

  4. What is the impact of spreading fake news on social and political life?

  5. What is the influence of reality shows on society?

  6. Ought the English language to be proclaimed the official one in the United States?

  7. Should legal authorities equal children’s violent crimes to adults’?

  8. What are the potential effects of being withdrawn from college?

  9. What are the most striking changes in communication that took place over the last 20 years?

  10. Why is it so important to maintain a democratic system of government?

Nursing Assignment Ideas

  1. The significance of work-life balance for professional nurses.

  2. The peculiar features of the nursing profession and the different challenges of working night and day shifts.

  3. Involvement of nurses in the issues of euthanasia.

  4. Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing placebo in the medication processes.

  5. Should the government provide adequate support for educating nurses?

  6. Examples of misconduct among nurses and risks of violation of ethics.

  7. Principles of treating patients emotionally and providing adequate support to calm them down.

  8. Specifics of providing treatment to patients suffering from dementia, panic attacks, and other mental health issues.

  9. Cooperation between patients’ families and nurses in palliative treatment.

  10. Available workplaces for the graduated nurses.

Awesome Writing Assignment Ideas for Accounting Students

  1. Historical account of the development of accounting practices.

  2. What are the most recent developments in the accounting field?

  3. The significance of accounting software in the working processes.

  4. The essential skills and expertise for a forensic accountant.

  5. Methods and techniques used in the forensic accounting process.

  6. The importance of forensic accounts.

  7. Are there any ways that the Goldman Sachs case could have been prevented?

  8. What are the levels of efficacy in the asset financing fixed?

  9. What are the ways that different insurance organizations value and account for liabilities?

  10. What are the ways that the American banks utilize for assessing long-term debts?

Top Writing Assignment Ideas for Law Papers

  1. Ways of tackling the issues of prostitution, human trafficking, and slavery.

  2. How to cope with gang crimes?

  3. The role of the police in interrogating human rights.

  4. Why does cannabis have different legal status in different countries of the world?

  5. Is it legal to practice forced sterilization? How could this issue be regulated in legal terms?

  6. The significance of creating business law.

  7. The role of the parliament in business law.

  8. Bullying and psychological torture as the main reasons of suicide.

  9. How can one crime have the whole different kinds of punishments?

  10. The role of sociology in crime prevention.

Case Study Assignment Topics

  1. The credibility of reports on the emission rates of carbon dioxide.

  2. The role of politics in campaigns dedicated to climate change and global warming.

  3. Pros and cons of user simplicity on the basis of WordPress.

  4. The negativity that surrounds McDonald’s.

  5. How can marketing methods evolve in the post-Covid era?

  6. What are the reasons for TikTok popularity?

  7. How has the educational process changed after Covid-19?

  8. A myth about Hadron Collider: how has the Universe appeared?

  9. Ways of preventing earthquakes in the USA.

  10. The role of Green Technologies in the times of the pandemics.

  11. Apple vs. Samsung.

  12. The popularity of the German automotive industry in the US market.

  13. Nike and its strategic management and corporate planning.

  14. Cons and pros of involving youths in social media marketing.

  15. Why are start-ups becoming so popular?

  16. Individual and professional prosperity of Bill Gates.

  17. The relation between military operations and rates of PTSD.

  18. Average misconceptions concerning Black Lives Matter.

  19. Optimization of prices at Apple.

  20. Marketing style of Steve Jobs.

Best Assignment Topics on Marketing

  1. Political campaigns and their impact on brand marketing.

  2. The exploitation of impulsive buying in driving sales.

  3. Pros and cons of centralized marketing for the success of global brands.

  4. How can clients protect themselves from the impact of direct marketing?

  5. What are the marketing challenges faced by family-owned businesses?

  6. Contrast and compare online marketing strategies among global and local enterprises.

  7. Online marketing and its most recent trends.

  8. Online marketing and analysis of UK policies.

  9. Conventional and modern marketing strategies and their effectiveness.

  10. The impact of a mobile-first index on Google’s online marketing.

Argumentative Assignment Topic Ideas

  1. Can capitalism be regarded as the most favorable economic system?

  2. What are the predictions that representatives of the LGBTQ community will at some time experience equality?

  3. Pros and cons of making smoking illegal.

  4. Pros and cons of making school studying all year long.

  5. The minimum wage should be increased: agree or disagree?

  6. Every person should attend college: agree or disagree.

  7. All new cars should be made electric: pros and cons.

  8. The impact of the US Civil War on further history.

  9. What were the causing factors of the development of nazism in Germany and did the consequences lead to the Holocaust?

  10. What ideology can be considered the right own in the modern world?

  11. Prohibition of animal testing: pros and cons.

  12. #metoo movement: analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

  13. Should it be allowed for students to bring pets to school?

  14. Pros and cons of single-sex classes for the education process.

  15. Should foreign languages be taught in schools as a must?

  16. Can depression lead to other diseases?

  17. Should physical education lessons be an essential part of the school curriculum?

  18. Do reality TV shows present a real picture of life?

  19. Should video games be regarded as sports?

  20. Agree or disagree: same-sex marriages should be legally allowed in Muslim countries.

Awesome Writing Assignment Ideas for Psychology Students

  1. Bullying and its further psychological effects on people.

  2. Insecure men are more prone to making sexist jokes.

  3. The influence of PTSD on the overall quality of life.

  4. The impact of television on the obesity problem.

  5. Colors and their psychological effects.

  6. Causes of panic attacks.

  7. Music and its impact on psychological responses.

  8. The role of meditation in dealing with pain.

  9. Are average schools good for children with autism?

  10. The influence of Covid-19 on the mental health of people.

Choosing an interesting topic is a prerequisite for getting a good grade. Teachers understand when you are interested in the topic and engaged in the research and investigation process. So, picking a great and catchy topic has a direct impact on your academic performance and excellent grades. More so, choosing an appealing topic will make the writing process less time-consuming and more enjoyable.

The choice of topic certainly accounts for half of your assignment success. The role of the topic is to attract the audience and provoke interest. The development of the topic should be supported with the corresponding discussion, so good grades are guaranteed if you manage to do it. Hopefully, the creative ideas for writing shared by our writing experts will come in handy for you in tackling your writing assignments. More so, you can modify the provided topics and come up with your own unique idea.

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